Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm calling this an apology.

Calling me at 3am, so stay on the phone with you and make sure you don't piss on your $300.00 designer jeans. 

I'm calling that an apology. 

I'm pretty sure this is what you call love. We can scream, and we can yell, and say things we may or many not mean. I can sit here this evening wondering if Im doing the right thing. Then at night, all you want to do is be with me, and when you can't, all you want is to here my voice. You let me know that you need me, in your own way. Your rough exterior, you could never come out and say it. But you call me, and want me, and I know that if I could just be with you, you'd hold me, and everything would be alright in my world again. 

So here I'm laying, on the phone with you, making sure you get home safely because you won't let me come rescue you. And all I want is to fall asleep to your voice. 

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