Monday, June 15, 2009

Apartment finished! LUSH haul

So. Im offically moved out of my old apartment, keys turned in, never looking back. So I decided to treat LUSH. OMG SUCH A SURPRISE!
One thing I've noticed is that things sound like they'd smell really good online, but then smell icky. 
 Lemslip Buttercream - $4.79 for my slice - I had wanted to try the buttercreams for a long time. After reading that "heavenly bodies" was chocolate orange, I really wanted to try it, but HATED the scent in the store. Instead I got the lemon,lime,coconut scented buttercream, because I knew I loved the smell. The salesgirl warned me that its not a lathering soap, but very moisturizing. Ill have to see!
 Avobath bath bomb - $5.80 - I have been wanting to try this bath bomb for a while, because people keep raving about how moisturizing it is, and its got this wonderful lemongrass scent to it. 
 Youki - Hi Bath Bomb - $5.85 - This one has glitter in it, which is a nice little surprise, and smells of jasmin and ylang-ylang. so pretty.
 Godiva Solid Shampoo Bar - $9.25 - Ive been wanting to try a solid shampoo for a long time, just because its resourceful and Im not totally in love with my shampoo currently. Im a little apprehensive because I've never tried a shampoo bar before, but im excited to try it. It smells like Jasmine.
 Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo - $9.25 - Violet, elemi and ylang ylang smell SO good. Ive heard this stuff makes your hair noticeably shiny, so decided to try it.

 Candy Fluff Dusting Powder - Usually $11.25  but I got a tester - I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something I didn't know if I would love or not. So the salesgirl gave me a sample. I kept talking about how much I love LUSH, and she asked me if there was anything online I had seen that I wanted to try. I should have said more stuff, because she would have given me a sample of everything in the store if I wanted, she was so nice. This is sweet, which usually is unlike me, but I liked it the best out of the 3 there was, and it has small bits of glitter in it.

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