Tuesday, June 16, 2009

LUSH review you've been mangoed, ocean salt, and The godmother

The Godmother Soap - This is just a plain soap that I used in the bath today. As a bar, it smells wonderful - just like swedish fish! Not really sweet, not plastic. Really good. I grabbed a slice that I had precut and used the entire slice to wash my entire body. The slices I cut were pretty small, so I used the entire slice. It created a pretty good lather, Ill give it a 8/10. It wasn't super moisturizing, but the smell lingers. Not like Honey I washed the kids, but it lingers a bit after you get out. I probably wouldn't purchase this again after I use it up, but if I got it as a gift or something, I'd use it.

Ocean Salt - So I thought that maybe I liked this at first, or maybe I just tried to make myself like it because it smelled so good. I almost put this on like I would a face mask, really thick, and then sat in the hot bathwater so it seeped into my pores deeper. After about 2 minutes, it started to burn to the point that I couldn't enjoy my bath and had to wash it off. It stung my eyes pretty bad as I was washing it off, and just like last time, if it gets anywhere near your lips, if you lick them later, all you get is a mouthful of salt. My face is pretty smooth because it sloshes off dead skin cells, and exfoliates, but my face feels pretty dry, even with Tea Tree Toner on afterwards. Definitely won't be buying this product again, but will probably use the rest of it on my feet or something.
P.S. - As I was washing it off too, the sea salt got in my nipple rings...OWWIE!!
You've been mangoed bath melt - I really like bath melts. Now that I've tried the bath melts, bubble bars, and bath bombs, I'd have to say bath bombs are my favorite (they have the smell, pretty color to the water, and very moisturizing), then bath melts (they leave the water super milky, and pretty, are about as equal to bath bombs as moisturizing, and leave a slight smell), and last bubble bars (but maybe thats just the amandopondo bar, it did create lots of bubbles, which is what it's for, by the smell was lacking). Theres only 2 other bath melts I have interest in trying (dreamtime and cerdiwens cauldron), and I own cerdiwens cauldron, so we'll see how I like the others. 

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