Thursday, June 11, 2009


Things that are making me angry face right now:

1- For some reason a bunch of my friends are being pessimistic. I know, I know, I'm not using depression as an excuse in ANY way, but as a depressed person, you want to fill your life with positive people. Why would I want to surround myself with people who are constantly in bad moods, and project it? I can be angry about something, but I always do my best to keep that inside when I'm in social areas, and at least TRY to have fun. I'm not going to go sit in a corner and sulk about my misfortunes. 

2 - New York getting their Adam Lambert Rolling Stones cover magazine, and not Chicago. First, I was told it came out yesterday, so I was frantically looking around for it, but the Lady Gaga cover is still everywhere. THEN, I find out from some idiot Jewel employee that it actually comes out tomorrow (which is today). But then today, I find out it really did come out yesterday. Apparently they've been "flying off the shelves" and are really hard to get, so I called all the main Borders in the Chicagoland area, who don't get their shipments in until later today, or tomorrow morning. WHAT THE FUCK! I WANT MY ADAM LAMBERT!!!

3 - My cat running into things and making herself bleed. I have a bedroom with a door now (thank god!) so I can have my privacy, and keep her hair off of everything, but sometimes she does this weird thing where she'll slam herself against my bedroom door, and it scares me. I dont want my babygirl to bleed. It could have also been from her messing around with this sterling silver tableware tray and it falling  on her and cutting her. She's cut on her chin, and I tried to wipe off the dried blood and it sounded like I was hurting her, so I stopped. She's clawing and crying at the door as I write this.

Things that are making me happy face! - 

1. That my boo's coming over tonight. I haven't seen him in a week. He's been giving me a hard time about not coming to the suburbs, but I need to establish my home here in Chicago. If I'm coming back to the suburbs all the time, how am I going to make my apartment feel like home? And plus, now I know that it's at least an hours drive one way at any time of the day. And eats up gas like crazy. We're going to watch some Season 5 of Entourage and possibly some thai food. Yummy.

2 - Possibly going to the Botanic Gardens this weekend with my mama and Kathy! We've been planning to do this for such a long time, everyone just hasn't been free on days when it has been nice enough to go. I first went there when we did a runway show in college there, with Betsey Johnson designs, and fell in love. Each garden is so pretty. Definitely a place I would consider getting married.  The English Rose Garden and the Japanese Garden are my favorites. My mama and I went in the fall, but now it's Spring/Summer, and probably a lot prettier!

3 - LUSH. Kinda owns my life right now. I found a freestanding store on Armitage and Halsted, and go there probably more than I should. I think I'm pretty much at a place where I have everything I want right now. However, don't have a bathtub that works!! I need to call my landlord today. But all I've been doing is watching LUSH hauls online, and being a geek. 

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