Monday, June 15, 2009

LUSH review on Amandopondo and Godiva

I just took a bath, listened to some Jack Johnson with Kris and painted my toenails hot pink, so Im in a good mood! 
Some review:
 Godiva Solid Shampoo - Im not sure yet if this did anything spectacular to my hair, but I'd buy it again for the scent alone! I got out of the bath about 2 hours ago, and my hair still smells like Jasmine. I love the amazing lather too, you don't have to use a lot of product, and I can probably get 10-12 shower uses out of that. Its a little more expensive than regular shampoo, but it also doesn't have a container, so its ecofriendly, and fits nicely into the LUSH tin that I got for free. The only thing I didn't like was that it was only a shampoo, and I didn't want to just then use regular conditioner, so Im looking online right now if they have conditioner bars. (No conditioner bars but will try retread conditioner next time I get over there) Will for sure be buying this again...and might even buy solid shampoos instead now! 
***apparently a lot of people don't use conditioner after using this because it has a conditioner in it. Thats awesome, because I love the smell too much to put something in after this. Im going to try it for a month, while doing a conditioning retread or the strokes mask once a week and see how it works.
*********For whatever reason i said that i would get 10-12 uses out of my shampoo bar. LIES!!! 60-80 uses.

 Amandopondo Bubble Bar - I'm still on the fence about this one. A lot of people have said that half a bar will work for one bath, but when I take a bath, I want a super big bubbly bath. I got ALOT of fantastic bubbles, that didn't die down at all (I had to wash them out with the shower after my bath). The water was moisturizing, which is always nice. BUT there was no smell at all to the bath. If I'm going to pay $5-$7 for a bath product, I want a heavy scent thats going to stay in the bath, and then on my skin afterwards. I just didn't get that from this. Im going to try other bubble bars and see if the scent lingers before I purchase this again, because Im sure theres other bars that leave stronger scents amongst the bubbles.

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