Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LUSH review and haul

Ive been a little behind on my LUSH hauls and reviews. First with reviews:

 Figs and Leaves Soap - This is probably my new favorite soap. The smell is like...earthy and orange, and it has these little exfoliating fig seeds in it. It also lathers really well, is moisturizing and lasts long. 

And for my haul!

 Herbalism Face Cleanser - $6.48 for 1/8 lb but I got mine free - For being, I guess, a "valued customer", I got a coupon for either a 1/8 lb facial product, or 1/8 lb solid shampoo. Now, I wish I would have gotten a shampoo. I wanted fresh farmacy or coal face, to try out how the block soaps work, and somehow let the sales woman talk me into this. It smells interesting to say the least, and I don't really like the messiness of these products, but I'll try it. I got a HUGE portion for free. 
Vitamin E Toner Tab - $1.50 - You put these in a hot bowl of water and let the steam seep into your pores. Just curious about the product. 
Vitamin C Toner Tab - ''
 Brazened Honey Face Mask - Unknown price - I got a sample of this, because I wanted to try it versus the love lettuce and didn't want to buy a whole thing. LUSH doesn't sell them online because they only last 3 weeks because they're fresh and have to be refrigerated. I picked this one because it was for normal skin, and was known to make skin "glow". It smells like honey and bananas. 

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