Thursday, June 11, 2009

LUSH product review

Ive done so much LUSH hauls, but not really any reviews on what products I like, or didn't like, so this is what this post is!

 Woosh Shower Jelly - I LOVE shower jelly. I'm so thrilled that I got a chance to see a demo on a youtube video of how well they lather, because I would have never bought the jelly. I got approximately a $5.00 slice of woosh. When I got home, I cut it into about 17 little pieces, just from that slice. And each piece is still more than I need! What I do is take a little piece of the jelly and kneed it into my loofa so that it really gets into the little holes and breaks up the jelly. I do this mainly because I'm a little clumsy and don't want to drop the piece and have it go down the drain, so by making sure its secure in my loofa, I feel better. The lather it creates is INSANE! More than any other gel or product I've used. I will continue buying jellies. I haven't tried any other kinds because I don't really like overpowering sweet smells, but I might try a little of sweetie pie for the hell of it.  
Tea Tree Water Toner - I had a chance to use this once yesterday. I really like that its easy to use because it comes out of a spray bottle. The smell is really light as well, a mix of grapefruit and floral scents. I sprayed it on my arm first, and then sprayed it on my face before I put on my MAC strobe cream. It was really refreshing, but I haven't noticed a change in my skin. Hence, its only been a day, so I'm not judging yet. Maybe I'll try spraying it on and letting it airdry without putting makeup on right away. I hear that it tightens your pores. Still haven't decided if Ill repurchase this or not. 
 - Running to the Embassy - SOO disappointed in this. The saleswoman said that it was fantastic for your feet and contained pumice so it was really exfoliating. LIES!!! There's been no exfoliation, it melts so quickly, and it did nothing for my feet. I've used it once, and I can probably only use it about 2 or 3 more times before its gone. I do like the smell, but its not enough to make me want to purchase this product again. 
Ocean Salt Facial Scrub - This stuff smells really good. I love the citrus. I've used it only once, I heard I should only use it twice a week, so Im going to be using it on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first time I used it, I mixed it up, put a little in my hand, and added a little water to the actual product instead of to my face. I feel like if I splash my face with water, that the salt will melt faster and I want a really exfoliating scrub. So far I like it. The only downside is that even though I washed it off thoroughly, I was still feeling little bits of salt on my face later in the day. I also licked my lips about an hour later and got this SUPER salty taste. I'm still debating if Ill buy this again.
 Mange Too Massage Bar - If only this came in another scent!! I love that it doesn't melt as quickly as some of the other bars, and it's huge, but the smell is just overpowering sweet to me. It has white chocolate, honey, and bananas in it. That sounds so good to me, but the banana isn't apparent, the white chocolate is. If it smelled more like bananas, this would be a keeper. Unfortunately, I wouldn't purchase this again.
Honey I Washed the Kids Soap - Oh My God!! Love at first smell. I loved the smell in the store, but was still intrigued as to why people were OBSESSED with it. I totally understand why now. After slicing my soap, I accidently cut off a little piece of this, and used it really quick just on my hands. The lather was nothing to write home about, but the smell stayed on my hands for like 2 hours! I was a fiend, being weird and smelling my hands. I got a huge chunk of this, but even when its gone, I will buy this soap for the rest of my life!
 Each Peach (And two's a Pear!) - Such a wonderful smell. I used this on my tattoo as it was healing and it was so moisturizing and (somewhat greasy, which is good for tats), that it healed so quickly! I bought my mom one too, and she uses it instead of lotion now. It doesn't give you that wet feeling like you can't put on clothes after you use it. Theres no possible way of getting too much, or anything like that. I love the idea of massage bars, and how they work, so Ill for sure be buying this again. When I went to LUSH recently, the sales woman tried to sell me Strawberry Feels Forever, which I think is too sweet, it smells like a strawberry milkshake, but when she cocktailed each peach with it, it smelled like strawberry lemonade! I may have to get that the next time I go.
 Buffy Body Butter - This is my favorite LUSH product EVER!! I'm so glad I got the bigger bar, even though it was more expensive. It has rice, and almonds in it, so it is the most exfoliating thing ever. My skin also does this weird itchy thing when I get in the shower sometimes (which means its super dry) so I rub this on my legs and feet mostly. Amazing!! 100% will buy this again.
 Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser - This has a really strange smell to me. I didn't like the smell at all, but people had raved about it, and I was looking for a daily cleanser. This product is SO messy. Even pulling my hair back didnt stop this from getting in my hair. After I used it, I read that people use it in the shower, because its so messy. Ill try that, but right now, Im leaning to not repurchasing for the fact that its so messy, I don't like the smell, and it doesn't take off makeup.

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