Monday, June 15, 2009

Why I'm glad that I am sans-boyfriend.

Why Im glad that I am sans-boyfriend:

1. I can be selfish with my money. If I was in a relationship, I'd be paying for half (if not all) meals. Gas, to be picking them up, dropping them off, etc. If I wanted to do an activity that required money, I'd probably be paying for that. INSTEAD: I can spend my money on LUSH, MAC, and clothes. 

2. I enjoy eating meals by myself. Sometimes I like to sit at a sushi bar, and eat what I like, and not have to share. Not worry if I have food on my face, or I'm eating super politely. You don't have to try and make conversation, and you can get time by yourself to reflect and think.

3. I like having time to do things I enjoy, when I want to do them. If I had a boyfriend, would I really have time to take a relaxing bath, sit all day reading a book, spending weekends with my mom? Probably not. Most of my time would be devoted to spending time with them, or thinking about them.

4. I can have friends that are guys. I can flirt, and have fun, and even live with a guy (my roommate Kris!) without some boyfriend getting jealous. If I had a boyfriend and walked around in the things I walk around in around Kris, I'd be shot dead. I can go to parties, and drink, without having to answer to some guy at the end of the night. And vice versa, I don't have to sit at home and be jealous that he could be out somewhere getting drunk and hitting on girls.

5. I don't have to worry about anyones safety. When I date someone, I always worry about them getting home safely at the end of the night whether I'm with them or not. Waiting up til late hours of the night is not fun, I've done it several times.

6. If I ever need the perks of a boyfriend, I have that. I have boys that I can be taken out by for a nice evening, with no emotional aspect whatsoever. And I also have the emotional/sexual aspects of a relationship and can be in love with someone and not have to worry about the things listed above. We keep each other in check.

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  1. when i first told you i liked to eat our alone you thought i was fucking retarded! now look whos got the maki roll for one!