Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Went to LUSH with Ayen yesterday. Im turning into a fiend. I need to stop for a little while. BUT here goes my haul anyway.
 Ceridwens Cauldron bath melt - $7.95 - This is only the second bath melt I've bought, but I liked that it came in a pouch. There's oats, and cocoa butter in it, so that when the melt can use the oats to exfoliate! The scent is tangerine, lavender, sandalwood, and frankincense. 
 Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower gel - $8.95 - Im not a fan of really sweet smelling things, but this smelled really good to me. The scent is strawberries, honey, and almond oil. I was intrigued to buy a basic shower gel, even though I love my woosh shower jelly. 
 Figs and Leaves Soap - $6.23 for my piece - I LOVE this scent, and the sales woman said that it had fig seeds in it for exfoliation. Holla! The scent of it is ylang ylang and oranges. Yummy!!
 Tea Tree Water Toner - $7.95 - I like their regular face products -  I have Ocean Salt, Love Lettuce (which i havent tried yet), and Angels on Bare Skin, so I wanted to try a toner, since I dont really like my DHC toner. This one is a spray bottle too, so thats cool. It has Tea Tree and grapefruit in it, so we'll see how I like it...

**Its best to cure your soaps before you use them. This means to leave them unwrapped in room temperature 2-3 days before you use them. It makes the product more long lasting, and brings out natural oils so that the scent is more apparent.

So, here in Chicago, they've done something horrible to me, and put a LUSH freestanding store across the street from a MACpro store. Everytime I go to LUSH, its impossible not to go to MACpro, so Im going to start including my MAC haul here as well.

 Creamsheen "Like Sin" Lipglass - Regular $1875, MACpro discount approximately $9.00 - This is a discontinued product!! I bought one in "boy bait", and loved the texture of it, I wish I would have gone back and bought all of them. I thought they had all been sold out, but this really adorable sales girl yesterday grabbed some out of the back for another customer. So I got one of the last ones! "like sin" is the dark red lipglass, and is going to be my "night" lipgloss.

Rose Pigmint - Regular $16.00, MACpro Discount approximately $7.00 - I have been wanting this color in an eyeshadow for a long time, and when the sales woman put it on me, it came out SO pink. I didn't really like it, so when I saw someone else try it on in the pigment form, I loved it. It had more purple in it, and had that kind of burnt, smokey look. For whatever reason the color isn't coming up on the website but its so pretty.
Girlie Eye Shadow - regular $11.00, MACpro Discount approximately $4.50 - I saw this color the other day, and liked it, I don't know why I didnt get it the other day, but its really pretty and goes well with the rose pigment. 
 "Tint" Cream color base - Unsure of the price - This color is really pretty. Its mainly used for the cheeks, but can also be used as a base for eyeshadows. 

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