Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I finally cut all my LUSH soaps into slivers, and accidentally cut a really tiny piece of "Honey I washed the kids", so I used it just on my hands in my kitchen sink. I now know why Leesha has like orgasms over this soap. I can't stop smelling my hands, and they still smell as strongly as they did when I first washed them, which was like 20 minutes ago. IN LOVE. 

So we hung out with the Irish girls downstairs last night for the first time. Umm, adorable, and so welcoming. They keep saying "YOUR MY FIRST AMERICAN MATE!" and doing "chicago" accents. And got me super drunk. Theirs shots are equivalent to our double shots. So of course we had salt and lime and TOO much tequila. And there was this cute Irish boy named Jerry (they're all irish, they're here on work visas) who kept flirting with me, but I couldn't understand him. He was talking so fast, and in gaelic sometimes, so I just kept nodding and laughing. Theres so many pictures from last night, Kris and I just fail at uploading. And the girl of my dreams, its spelled Marissa, but its pronounce Merresa. Long red curly hair, just gorgeous. 

When I finally got into bed I texted John for a while, which was really nice. We always have really long conversations when we're in bed. He's coming over to watch Entourage this week!!

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