Thursday, June 11, 2009

More LUSH review

Thank GOD my bathtub got fixed, I was dying to use my LUSH bath products, and dying of like...stress. Im totally converted to a bath girl now. I didn't really take baths before, but Im totally addicted now, thanks to LUSH!
So I had this little routine:
 Love Lettuce - I put on my love lettuce face mask, and ran my bathwater. I loved that it had exfoliating little bits of almond in it, and was really cold and refreshing from being in the refrigerator. 
 Champagne Supernova Bath Bomb - I got into the tub (with my face mask still on) and plopped this bath bomb into the water. LOVE!!!! It immediately turned my bath water hot pink, and started to emit little bits of confetti.I had heard that bath bombs fizz out right away, but it literally took about 15 minutes for this bath bomb to completely dissolve, which us about how long I take in the bath to begin with. It smelled of cognac and oranges, and the water was extremely silky, and still had a very potent smell. When the bath bomb was done fizzing, it left me enough time to then wash off my love lettuce face mask thoroughly in the bath water. I then unplugged the drain and soaked into all the water had drained out.

 Tea Tree Water Toner - When I got out of the bath, my skin still smelled heavily of the supernova bath bomb, which is fantastic. I sprayed on some Tea Tree Water Toner, so it would hydrate my face from the mask. 

I LOVE ALL THESE PRODUCTS!! I will definitely be buying more bath bombs. They are so much fun, and Champagne Supernova was the only one I bought. It makes me want to take more baths!

Love Lettuce is also really nice, Ill have to use it one more time to make sure that I'll buy it again.

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