Saturday, June 6, 2009

lush haul

NEW lush haul! Went to Lush today with my mommy, and we got SO MUCH STUFF! 

 Mange Too Massage Bar - $9.75 -  Smells like Honey and White Chocolate. I wasn't really a fan of super sweet stuff until I started using lush products. This is shaped very cool too. Not as rough of a surface as some of the other massage bar, but very smooth, and yummy tasting! 

I got 2 free samples while I was there as well

Christmas Cake Slice Soap - It has this very cinnamony, spicy smell to it, which is more what my mom likes, and isnt really me, so maybe I'll give it to her. Its a bar soap. Just a little heavy for my nose, I really enjoy lighter fruiter smells. Sorry for no relevant picture, it was a holiday special.

Love Lettuce Face Mask - For whatever reason I can't find a picture of this online either. I have been wanting to try this FOREVER! I told the sales woman that I didn't know how it would turn out, and she just gave me  a very generous free sample. Im excited to use it!!

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