Friday, June 12, 2009

Yucky, yucky, yucky, and AVEDA

Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower Cream - EWWWWW!!!! I hate this stuff! Worst LUSH product I've ever used. It smelled light and fresh in the store, and I just used it in the shower, and I want to throw up. It reminds me of something from my childhood. Do you remember those Strawberry Shortcake plastic dolls they sold that had scented hair? It smells like plastic and artificial strawberries. It also doesn't come out like a regular shower product, its gooey, and watery and too much of the product comes out if you're not careful. I even used Woosh Shower Jelly right after I used yummy,yummy,yummy, and the smell STILL didn't go away!!! This is going right up on makeupalley for a swap, never using it again!

 Angels on bare skin - So I said I would try this out in the shower, because it was super messy and I didn't like that. Maybe I was a little biased, because now, its not so bad. Its SO much easier to use in the shower, so you can apply it when your conditioner is in, and then rinse everything out together, face and hair. So maybe after a couple tries, this may be something Ill repurchase. 

**So it struck me while I was in the shower: for the people who know me, know that I attended AIC (Aveda Institute of Chicago) Cosmetology School, and was given their entire product line, and about 70% of the items I never used (because I dropped out). EBAY! HELLO! I could make a killing off selling unopened aveda products, and whatever doesn't sell, I can swap for discontinued LUSH products. Im awesome. 

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