Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So, Im kinda weird about my perfumes. I've always wanted a "signature" scent, and I established one for myself last fall, and received a HUGE gift set for christmas from my dad and thats Donna Karen's Cashmere Mist. I have it in a lotion, deodorant (my second one, they're huge but i keep them in my purse so it goes like crazy!) and the perfume. I love it, but now Im running into this problem of it being a fall/wintery scent. 

At school, because it was Aveda, we had to wear natural scents and scents that they sold, so I found one that I really liked, but wasnt really a perfume. They call them chakras and i had the "power" scent, which was lavender, lemon and balasm.

I used to wear Gucci's "Envy", but the smell was too citrus and girly, and I like a muskier scent. Now, I've been keeping Ruehl's "for her" scent in my bag, that people LOVE, but I'm still looking for a summery scent. 

I smelled "Unconditional Love" by philosophy the other day at Macys and really liked it,but Im waiting, and will go smell it again because i dont want to spend the money and not like it.

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