Friday, July 10, 2009

July 10th: Day 4!

Ahh, still feel like Im close to death. Stayed in all day, my mama came to the city and brought me groceries, which was so nice, and I painted my nails: Violet Fire by MAC!

I don't really like MAC nailpolishs, I've decided. It takes a million coats to get it true to the color, and its pretty streaky. I do like the colors, after I've put on about 3 coats, but unless a color is undeniable, I'll probably be checking out OPI and China Glaze.

Took my pills twice today. Haven't seen a difference yet, obviously. Ive read that it starts making your scalp tingle a little bit, then you know its working. Deep conditioner my hair, and used ultimate shine shampoo. I think Fridays will be the only day I shampoo. 

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