Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ins and Outs

Just doing a few "Ins and Outs":


-youtube gurus. I'm kind of obsessed. I can watch them for hours. Some, I've been watching for so long, they feel like my friends, and then I feel like a loser. Haha.
-Blush. I'm such a makeup junkie, but haven't really ever been into blush. Last time my mom took me to the MACpro store, I got a cream blush in "tint", and am IN LOVE. I also have a mineral blush from MAC is "warm soul" that gives a really pretty glow.
-My mom's annual nurses picnic being on Wednesday.  There's always so much fantastic food!
-Spending time with Cassi, Jenny, and Brit. I can't remember the last time I had really good GIRLfriends. They've been lifesavers. They're just such good, positive people. I really enjoy their company, and don't feel used whatsoever.
-Brittany's brother,Matt, moving in with Dean and Brit. WHAT A FOX! We went out to dinner together the other night, and there's been a little innocent flirting.... ;)
-Matt's beagle puppy named Bella! 

-My microdermal is giving me trouble lately. It got hit, and was swollen and red, and very painful. I almost thought I might have to get it taken out (which I found out isn't as bad as I thought it was), but I don't have to, and its clearing up.
- My kitty's eye is acting funky. She keeps closing it and there's a lot of discharge. If its still bothering her next week, I might have to take her to the vet. She LOVES the vet, what a weirdo....but hates the car, so I don't like taking her.
-The weather. It was like 92 degrees consistently, and then the second I went out and bought a fan, it went down to like 60 degrees!! Disappointing summer. 
-My choice to do the "Project 10 pan". I know it'll be helpful, and save me a lot of money. Theres just one lipstick I want to get before I OFFICALLY start. I already decided one of the products is going to be my Burts Bee's raspberry lipbalm. If I apply it at night, my lips are SO smooth in the morning.
-Wanting to loose weight, and it being SUPER hard. I live near a bunch of bars and fantastic restaurants. Beer/Bar food is not good. I need to start cutting back. 

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