Sunday, July 19, 2009

LUSH/MAC haul/Day 13 July 19th!

Day 13! July 19th!
No heat still...unfortunately...I missed 3 days with my biotin pills because I left them at home when I went to spend the weekend in the suburbs. But I'll be right back on them tomorrow!
So diet wise, I've decided, I'm going to count my calories during the week (Monday through Friday) and try and eat super healthy. My mom and I really enjoy eating out together and eating a lot of things and it just doesn't make sense to try and count my calories on weekends and deprive myself of things I enjoy. 
I had a REALLY good interview with Victoria's Secret beauty department on Friday and got called for a second interview for tomorrow, so my mom gave me a little extra cash to get something cute to wear from forever 21.
 I also stopped in at LUSH and MACpro!

My LUSH haul:
Sugar Scrub - $4.95 - I had wanted either the sugar scrub or the sugar babe since they become available in the store. Honestly, I was leaning more towards Sugar babe, but this really nice sales girl in the store told me she liked sugar scrub better because it helped with stretch marks. yay!
Extra Virgin Olive Soap - My piece was approx. $8.00 - I had gotten about $35.00 worth of stuff, and if you spend $40.00, you get a free bath melt, so I asked the sales girl what her favorite kind of soap was and she told me this one. It smells fantastic and is really toning apparently. So, we'll see how I like it!
Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar - $8.75- My mom got this massage bar, and I was always against it because I thought it smelled weird..without me actually smelling it, but when I used hers, I knew I had to have it because of the such high content of peppermint oil, which I've been loving lately.
Dream Cream - Sample - The sales woman gave me three samples and this was one of them. 
Handy Guru - Sample - The sales woman gave me three samples and this was one of them. 
Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease - One of the three samples. I LOVE  this stuff.
Jungle Conditioner - My piece was approx. $5.00 - This is something I've been wanting to try for a really long time. I haven't been shampooing my hair, and I don't like their regular conditioners, so I thought a solid conditioner would be interesting to try. I used it already in the shower this evening, and it was a little difficult to figure out how to use (ended up breaking off pieces and making a paste), but the only difference I've noticed so far is the smell. More update later. 
MMM melting marshmellow moments bath melt - free if you spend over $40.00 - Obviously, this is the bath melt I got for spending over $40.00. I'm not too keen on the super sweet scent, but I've been wanting to try this one and floating islands, so again, we'll see how I like it. 
Blackberry bath bomb - $5.80-I wanted to try this one as well. It smelled just like grape soda, the water looked like koolaid and it says "bomb" on the top of the bath bomb. When the bath bomb has all fizzed out, theres a little note inside that says "boom boom!" it made me feel so much better because I was a little down! And the scent lingers on your skin. My favorite bath bomb by far!
Butterball bath bomb - $4.85 - Is supposed to be the most moisturizing bath bomb, so I wanted to try it. On the small side. With  a vanilla scent. 

Because I was at LUSH, I stopped in at MACpro, and bought just a few things. Yes, I cheated on project ten pan.

Eye Pencil in Phone Number - a charcoal dark grey color

Color Craft Eye Quad in Odd Bits -a bluish grey, a light pink, a cream color, and a burgandy

Plush plumping lipglass in Fulfilled - a lip plumping lip gloss with a milky sheen

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