Monday, July 6, 2009

cant live withouts/regret buying

My days of stealing the internet are over! Fortunately, I can do pretty much everything from my phone. Even watch youtube! New discovery! I wanted to do a 10 products I can't live without VS. 10 products I regret buying. 
Here goes: 

10 products I can't live without!
1.Burts Bees Raspberry Lipbalm: this stuff is fantastic! Its newly discovered because of "project 10 pan" and I'm so glad it was! I put it on before I go to bed, and when I wake up, and when I'm going out I throw it in my purse. You can't use it enough! It tastes and smells great, its super cheap, and has actually saved my lips.
2.Cream Blush by MAC in "tint"- this is like a deep neutral raspberry color. Now that my hair is really dark brown, it goes so well with my skin tone, and it leaves a really dewy glow. I've gotten into blushes lately, so they'll be a few cheek products in this list, but this is definitely my favorite! 
3.Highlight Mineralize Skinfinish by MAC in "soft and gentle"- when Michael put this on me, I was in love. I had heard such good things about akinfinishes and had never tried them. He put one side of my face on with a dry brush and one side with a damp brush, and both were beautiful. Just an awesome product. 
4.Creamy Face Cleanser by KissMyFace- this stuff works miracles. I needed a makeup remover, and didn't want to by a strictly eye makeup remover which is what a lot of products are. I found this at whole foods, and it was a little pricy, around 15 dollars, but is exactly what I needed. A lot of products say you need a pea sized amount, and you always need more, but this, you honestly need just that for your whole face. Will continue to buy! 
5.Creamsheen lipglass by MAC in "boy bait"- best lipgloss I've ever owned. Unfortunately these are limited editions. The texture is so nice and glossy without being sticky at all, and feel so nourishing. The color is a light neutral pinky beige and great for everyday wear. I also have one in 'sin' which is a dark brown red, which for anyone interested, goes amazingly with 'darkside' amplified lipstick. My new favorite combo for going out! 
6.You Rebel tinted moisturizer by benefit in 'dark'- this stuff is really nice. The texture is really light and it lasts a long time. I use this darker moisturizer after I spray tan because its the perfect shade for my skin, and it blends really well! 
7.liquid highlighter by benefit in "highbeam"- I really enjoy this stuff. I've had it for a while now, and when I want that innocent, really pinky shimmery look, I brush this one my cheekbones.The applicater is the only negative I have regarding this product. It looks like a nailpolish brush. 
8.BadGal Lash Mascara by benefit in "plum"- I had a hard time choosing whether or not I liked the plum or the black mascara better but I went with the plum because I have deep green eyes, and the red in the mascara makes them pop. I LOVE this mascara formula and will never buy another. It literly makes you look as If you have fake lashes on, and I love lashes! 
9. Chanel Nailpolish in "Boa"- this summer has been the summer of blushes and nails for me. I always rip my nails off, whether it be anxiety or bordem. My friend suggested I wear nailpolish so that I won't do that. I went and got a manicure, and so far, no ripping or biting for almost 3 weeks! My stepmom gave me this hotpink color about a year ago and its perfect. One coat and I'm good to go! 
10.Jasmine and Henna Fluff Ease hair mask by LUSH- this stuff works wonders. I dye my hair a lot, hopefully not anymore, I want my hair dark, and I'm starting to grow it out, but I need that extra conditioning and moisture and this stuff is perfect. Plus, when I wash it out, I don't need shampoo and it gives me soft beachy waves. I'm almost out though! 1 product for project 10 pan!

10 things I regret buying: 
1.Studio Mist Foundation by MAC in "summer"- I honestly don't even know why I bought this. Its pretty old, but looking at the can, I know they don't even carry them anymore, and I thought it was a bronzer, not a foundation, which is what I bought it for. The spray can is really unpredictable, I spray it on my racoon brush and then use it as a contour but its so dark for my skin, and very hard to blend in. Eww! 
2.Peeper Paints by Valerie in "devils food"- I didn't know If I should include this, because it didn't actually buy it, but If I can stop someone else from purchasing it, awesome. This brand is only found in California, and the product is awkward. Its an shadow but it has this layer or glitter over the top so you think its really pretty but after your first use, the color is kinda blah. It cracks very easily and the product is hard to pick up onto a brush and doesn't blend AT ALL! 
3.Stick Highlighter by benefit in "gilded tangerine"- I bought this because I was getting really into benefit and thought this color was really pretty in the packaging. It was a light gold color that looked really wearable. Unfortunately, when I got home and tried it, the color was bright orange! It left chunks of product behind as well instead of gliding and leaving a a soft sheen. Disappointment! 
4.Paint Pot by MAC in "delft"- this is a blueish color, and I also own the red, but HATE paintpots! They don't work as a base, and although I've kept them tightly sealed, the product all clumped to the middle of the glass container and dried out! Ill be sticking to paints in the tubes. 5.Maybelline dream mousse blush in "playful peach"- horrible consistancy! Gross texture, and I was looking for a peach color, not a bright light pink, that would make me look like Barbie! 6.Burts Bees lipshimmer in "champagne"- I really like burts bees products usually, but this product has a lot of chunky glitter in it that makes my lips feel gritty instead of moisturized. The color, which I thought would be a light peach wash was actually ourplish gray looking. Yuck! 
7.ocean salt face and body exfoliater by LUSH- I had such high hopes for this because people raved about it online. The smell is very good, but it burned my skin, and whenever I licked my lips, whether it be 3 days later, I felt like I was eating salt! I can find another exfoliater that doesn't taste gross.

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