Monday, July 6, 2009

LUSH and MAC Haul/Review

Went to LUSH with Ally yesterday and got some stuff:

Sunny Side Bubble Bar - $5.95 - This bubble bar smells like Sweet Oranges and tangerines. I love citrus scents, was a little thrown aback about how glittery the product was, so I put off buying this. However, it was between Pop in the bath bubble bar and this, so I bought this one instead.

Coal Face Facial Cleanser -Free with a coupon - I got a small sample of this because every time I seem to go in there, they give me a coupon for a free facial cleanser or solid shampoo. So I got a solid facial cleanser this time. I never got this before, because it has a very overpowering licorice scent. 

 Big Blue Bath Bomb - $5.80 - I had wanted to get this and the smell is to die for! Im surprised I hadn't picked this up before, but it as exfoliating sea salt in it (however, I am a little worried it will dry out my skin...) and smells like lemon and lavender. AWESOME!

 Cupcake Face Mask - Everytime I go in there, I always get a sample of one of their face masks. The masks are a bit expensive and I never use them twice a week, so a sample is free, and I get 2 or 3 uses out of it. It almost makes me feel bad, but I purchase so much from them, I don't feel AS bad. This smells like bananas and chocolate, with a hint of mint it in. I want to eat it.

 Cupcake Facial Mask - THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE MASK! I like it better than love lettuce. Its not exfoliating as much, but its really smooth and the scent is amazing and I can really feel a difference already. I may purchase a full size of this after I'm done trying the other masks. 

Coal Face Facial Cleanser - The scent is SO icky. It smells kinda manly, so I might give it to my roommate. I wet the bar and rubbed it between my hands, and it got all gritty, but not good exfoliating gritty...but like nasty dirty gritty. It made me feel dirtier than when I went to wash my face. Good thing it was free...
I decided NOT to repurchase this. When I got up to take a shower this morning, my tub was all yellow, and I had to scrub it off, and it was really slippery. eek!

I made a little trip to MAC! I wanted a very specific color by NYX and wanted to find it at MAC instead because I get a huge discount. So the last of my buying before PROJECT 10 PAN!

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