Sunday, August 30, 2009

Through the years...

Ugh so Zoe did this little post about her hair through the decades. I definitely don't have pictures of me when I was a baby, but I've changed my hair so often that it deserves this:

Currently - I now work for Victoria's Secret and have to hide the tattoos on the back of my neck, so I wear extensions (clip-ins) about 80% of the time.
However during this time, I decided to get orange highlights. Which I LOVED. But they were too punky and I couldn't get a job with them, so they soon passed away.
Beginning 2009 - I decided I needed something new and got an asymmetrical haircut. I REALLY liked it for a while, but it was hard to style it any other way, so I wore it this way for about 5 months and then cut it back to the shorter side.

2008 - Blurry, but I decided to bleach my hair. It lasted about 2 days before I dyed it back dark dark brown. But during these few days, the only pictures are with me with a hat on.
2008 - Ended up dying my hair REALLY light that summer. I should NEVER be blonde.

Late 2008 - Still the same cut. But a little more sophisticated. I got chunky bangs and put in some blonde highlights. I would kill to be able to recreate this look again!
Freshman Year 2008 - My boyfriend at the time really liked blonde and black hair together, the blonde didn't work out, and I ended up dying my entire head black and got this really punky cut and spiked it in the back. Its kinda cute I think.

Freshman Year 2008 - This is right after I got my extensions out and had my hair dyed a dark red. I actually really like this cut on me, and the color. I'm even happy with the length.
Late 2007 - Summer before freshman year, This is when I spent all my graduation money ($800!!!) to get extensions put in. I did love them though.

Late 2007 - Summer before freshman year. This is as closest to my natural color and hair texture that I can remember seeing it.

Senior year 2007ish - I had cut my hair really short again, and dyed it lighter, probably a mix of all the crazy highlights I had gotten.

Junior Year - My senior picture was taken Junior year. I loved my hair. I wish I could wear my hair like this all the time.

Junior Year 2005 - Still longish. Dyed it pretty dark. Almost black! I had gotten it curled for Junior Prom. Looking back, I definitely could have curled it myself lol.

Junior Year 2005 - My hairs at a really nice length and I took these pictures RIGHT after I dyed it. I thought I looked pretty hot at the time. My hairs really fried.
Freshman year 2003 - With Liz. I have spent since then trying to get my hair to be this color. And my bangs like that. And that texture. Nope. It shall never be like that again.

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