Monday, August 3, 2009

Shopping haul

My mother and I went shopping this past weekend and I got a few things. VERY out of order. I'm too lazy to put them in the correct order.
LUSH - Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter - $13.50 - I've been wanting this for quite some time now. Only used it once (last night), but I don't know if it works well or not yet. Its a really thick cream/butter that smells FANTASTIC!

SEPHORA - Frederic Fekkai - $23.00 - I wanted a beachy wave spray because while at work for Victoria's Secret, we had a discontinued product. I had heard nothing but good things about this brand, and have used it only once now on damp hair. It smells awesome, has light hold, but is a bit expensive. Unless it does something fantastic, I probably won't buy it again.
 MAC - Triple Fusion Mineralize Skinfinish - $27.00 but I get a 40% discount - Loving this stuff. Darlene put it on both my mom and I, and we both ended up buying it. Its a little similar to the "soft and gentle" that I already own, but this is a bit pinker.
 URBAN OUTFITTERS - Romper - $43.00 -  I got some shoes and a necklace from UO when I went shopping with my mom, and got home to realize I couldn't wear the shoes to work and didn't want a $50.00 necklace that I didn't love. I am however, LOVING rompers lately. So I got this really cute one with a cute belt to wear for my party on Friday.
 MAC - Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium - $27.00 - I wanted a mineralize all over mac powder for a while now and this stuff is MAGIC! If I wanted, I wouldn't even need to wear a foundation. Amazing coverage, matches my skintone perfectly. So happy I got it.
 VICTORIA'S SECRET - So excited about this!! A new collection designed by Christian Siriano. We got a few products in, but not everything. It isn't released until the 11th, but I was clocking out, and my boss knew how excited I was and looked at me, took out the new makeup bag, put in the bronzer, and gilded fierce shadow (all we had in stock) and handed it to me without saying anything. I'm the only one in the chicagoland area that has it!! The bag is fantastic, and gilded fierce is a perfect smokey eye color, with gold and green sparkles.  
 MAC - Lightful Charged Essence Serum - $44.00 - This is a skin moisturizer, but because its so expensive, and I use moisture lush, I've been using this as an under eye gel. It feels amazing! My mom bought some as well, and also the moisturizer to go with it. 
 URBAN OUTFITTERS - Belt - $28.00 - This is the belt that I got to go along with my romper for friday!

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