Saturday, September 19, 2009

Michael Jackson

I didn't grow up listening to Michael Jackson. I don't own any of his CD's. I don't have any of his music on my Itunes. The one thing I remember about my childhood is 7th grade choir class, we sang "Man in the Mirror". But since he's been gone, I think I'm slowly starting to see what everyone else had seen all along.

The night he died, my roommate and I watched Thriller the video over and over again. At the video music awards, I cried watching Janet dance and sing a duet with her deceased brother. And now, its 11:30 at night and Im watching an Oprah special finally seeing how lonely and scared he music have been during his life.

In one segment, he speaks about how his father used to beat him. How he physically got sick because he was so scared of "Joseph" as he called him. He said he had never told his father this, looked right at the camera, with fear in his eyes and said "daddy, dont be mad at me".

Oprah then begins to talk to Michael about his sex life and whether or not hes a virgin. He keeps saying over and over "Im a gentleman. Im a gentleman." This is not the way (at the time) 37 year old man acts. I felt so afraid and sad for him. I wish someone would have taken care of him.

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