Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I've become completely obsessed with LUSH products lately, and just to keep track of what I buy/Haul/Review, I'm going to post what I get on here, and what I think about it.
 Each Peach (and two's a pear!) Massage Bar - $8.75 - "So Massage Bars are pretty much the greatest thing ever invented. Each kind they sell has some form of design on it, so that there's a textured side to massage with. I don't use it as in massage, but I like it as a solid lotion. It's made out of Shea Butter, so it melts in your hand. ITS AMAZING! I keep it in a tin so it doesn't get warm or wet when I'm not using it. The scent is very light, but doesn't smell like peaches to me, its more of a lemony-citrus smell. I bought one for my mom too and she loves it! Will DEF buy again when mine runs out. "
 Buffy the Backside Slayer Body Butter - $21.35 for the large size - This is my all-time favorite shower product! I don't have very sensitive skin, and this is a really good exfoliater. Not gonna lie, my feet are really nasty, and they were so smooth in only one use. The scent is light as well, it's a mixture of cocoa butter, shea butter, almond, and lavender, but I never noticed a floral scent to it at all. I don't really like "nutty" scents, but thats the only way to describe it, but its something I love! A little pricey for the big one, but it works so well! I've used it 3 times already and its not even half gone. Will probably get 8-10 shower uses.
 Honey I Washed the Kids Soap - My piece was $20.22 for .535lbs - LUSH is pretty much known for their variety of soaps, and I wanted to try some out. "Honey I washed the kids" and "Porridge" were big hits with Youtube gurus. I went to LUSH, and fell in love with this scent, which is a really like honey scent, but really didn't like Porridge although it had exfoliating pieces. It was too sweet. Im keeping this soap wrapped up until I move, so I can start using it next week! The top is also real honeycomb, and apparently works as a exfoliater too! I need to cut off slices when I get to my new apartment.
 Sandstone Soap - My piece was $14.88 for .425lbs- I told the sales girl there that I really like exfoliaters, and she noticed that I like citrus scents from other purchases, and found me this soap. It has a rough top made of condensed sand (which sounds kinda dirty to me) But the smell is TO DIE FOR! It smells like fresh lemonade, I swear. Im saving  this one too until I move. 
 Woosh Shower Jelly - My piece was $4.25 for about 8-10 showers worth - This really didn't appeal to me at all, but I saw a youtube video of how they worked, and was amazed at how much lather they created with such little product. It looks like jell-o and they cut you off a slab of your choice size in the store. This is a citrus smell as well, but might smell a little too much like cleaning product for me, I'll have to see. You cut off little slices of this so it lasts. I was also recommended to keep it n my fridge to stiffen it.
 Angels on Bare Skin Facial Cleanser - My piece was $4.23 for a weeks worth (I wanted to see how I liked it before buying more) - I know its really bad that Im in the beauty industry and don't have a solid skin care regiment, but Im trying to establish one. I heard that this product was amazing as well for a daily cleanser. Im not really fond of the scent, but it smells floral and clean, so we'll see. 

 The Olive Branch Shower Gel - I got a small sample of this, so I didn't pay anything. The store is so unique that I never really thought to buy a basic shower gel there, and probably won't, unless this stuff does something outstanding. The smell of it is actually pretty good though, and a unisex scent. We'll see how I like it, I will probably try it this evening!

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